Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Fun

I feel like I could start every post with "I have been so busy" or "time just seems to be flying by"! Am I the only one who feels like that!?!?

The past few weeks we have been exploring polar animals. We learned so much about polar bears and penguins! The students were so surprised to learn that polar bears and penguins don't live in the same place! Learning about these animals was the perfect way to finish up our nonfiction unit of study. We made these fun craftivities to record our learning!

Find these craftivities on TPT here.

The kids faces were priceless when they saw that they were going to make a penguin! You would have thought that I was giving them a special reward. Don't you just love when learning is their reward!?!?

Of course we also had to learn about what other animals do in the winter. So we used Phil the Groundhog as our starting point. The students all wanted a pet groundhog! How funny!

Find this Groundhog Day Unit on TPT here.

Check back tomorrow to see an update about our visiting Cupid, the 100th day and qr codes!,

Happy almost weekend!

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