Friday, October 26, 2012

Printing, Printing and More Printing! Ahh!!

I have come across so many great resources that teachers have created and shared either on blogs or TPT. Wow! The things that are available are just amazing! I create, purchase and find so many goodies, that my poor printer must hate me! It can get really expensive to print everything out that I use in my classroom, especially in color! And when it comes having space in my classroom to hang everything up...there is just not enough room! So when I create or purchase something that I would like to display as a poster, instead of printing it I just display it the same way your would a PowerPoint Presentation. In case you don't know how, here's a little "how-to"...


Hope this helps! Check out my TPT Store  for some great resources for The Election & Voting and Thanksgiving!Whoa...can you believe it is almost already here! Happy Weekend! :)
Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reading and Writing Muscles

A week or so ago I was really struggling with getting my little friends to work independently for an extended period of time, especially when they were reading and writing. I kept encouraging them that the more they practiced and worked hard, their "Reading Muscles" and "Writing Muscles" would grow. Sometimes group discussions only go so far, right? An incentive/motivator was needed! As I was driving home I was thinking about what incentive I could give the students to help them become more independent. Candy popped into my head, lunch bunch with the teacher, etc...although I love rewarding my students I didn't want this to be a "get something" reward, more like an enpowering "I did it!" kinda thing. So as I was thinking about big muscles what did I think of...why wrestling of course!!!! So off to the Dollar Tree I went and I knew I had a "hit" when the neighbor kids' faces lit up when they saw what was in the bag when I got home! About twenty minutes later I had created these...

The next morning I had these items displayed at the front of the room, and didn't have to say anything for the students to notice them. Someone asked what they were for, and when I explained that they are a reward for students that have stamina and big "Reading and Writing Muscles"...well let's just say that from that day on I have seen such a difference.  Students are attending to text for longer periods of time and as a class we are reading independently for 15 minutes! Wow! During writing I see students who wouldn't have even attempted to stretch out words independently working so hard! The best part is to see their faces and how they feel so proud of themselves- all of them not just the ones recognized that day! They can feel how they worked harder and stronger that day, and say things like "I know I did better today because..." Yay! Well I have been doing the happy dance for a few days now, and wanted to share my happiness with you!