Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Edible Lessons

On the 100th Day of School my class made a 100th Day Snack. Afterwards we had so many ingredients left over. Of course the kids love having leftovers because that means earning a skittle here or there! Today as I was getting out my manipulatives for practicing sorting skills, I saw all of our extra snacks and thought...what a perfect way to keep the kids engaged AND teach at the same time! :) I don't know which part was more exciting to me, the actual lesson OR that as my kids were placing the treats on their mats I heard major "math talk" happening. Kids were saying "I took 3 goldfish and added 5 m&m's. Now I have 8." They were giving each other math problems to figure out! Tooo cute! So after they got their goodies we started sorting by shape, color and kind. At the end the kids even had time to quiz their table with "Which one doesn't belong?" and "Can you sort by...?" Then the kids enjoyed their edible lesson and wrote about their learning in their math journal!

After our lesson the kids moved into math centers. These are some of their Valentine Day favorites...

I just have one more story to share with you...
So we have been practicing our digraphs (sh, th, ch, wh). We use these mini-anchor charts to help us remind us of the sounds of each during reading and writing.

Today during writing one of my hardest working "strugglers" got up, went to look at the pictures, wrote something and then when back to her seat. So when I went to conference with her I noticed this in her writing (notice the "sh")! Love it! Obviously a very big deal was made!!
"I can write pictures."

I am off...I still have to run to the store for my Valentine's Day gifts and treats! Oops!!
Happy Hump Day folks!
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