Sunday, February 10, 2013

QR Codes in Kindergarten?!?! And more!

So it is Sunday night and I should have my week all planned out...but I have been glued to E! and the Grammy's Red Carpet! :)

Just wanted to share somethings that I am looking forward to for this week...

This week my students are going to continue learning their high frequency words by using QR codes! Have you tried using QR codes yet in your classroom? Well if not you gotta give it a try! If you kids are anything like mine, than anything with technology gets and keeps their attention. So when I introduced them to this center activity they were all so excited. For this center activity the students scan the QR code and then find the matching high frequency word. Then they also scan the QR codes again on the recording sheet. To scan the QR codes all you need are old smart phones, ipod touches with a camera or ipads then find a free QR reader app.
Find QR code fun here!

We will be continuing to learn how to have healthy teeth. The students I am sure will have a blast practicing brushing their teeth by painting this fun certificate with a toothbrush!
Dental Health Mini-Unit here

To get us in the Valentine's Day spirit we of course will be doing all kinds of fun Valentine math and ELA centers. Here are some math centers that we will be doing! Make sure to go here to get your FREE copy!

I am prepared for a busy week...we have a Valentine's show and a field trip to the zoo! Oooooo fun! But I am looking forward to an extra long weekend. Is it bad that I am already thinking about the weekend?!?! 

Have a great week! 
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  1. what is the QR code of? a picture or the identical word, an audio recording of the word?

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