Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Georgy Porgy and Some Suess Excitement!

Yesterday as I was preparing for today, I had a very cute craftivity planned to do for George Washington...BUT this morning as I was driving to work I had a flashback from last week when we did a craft and well, let's just say that I changed my mind! :) So at 7:42 this morning (3 minutes before students enter my class!) I frantically searched pinterest for a new idea (Love that pinterest is no longer blocked at school!!!). I found this activity by Kindergarten Planet and it was FREE!! Woo hoo!!

I might be the only teacher who has never done a "directed drawing" before, but today I was a "directed drawing first timer"! I didn't really know what to expect, but it was fantastic for so many reasons. 
1. The students felt like artists!
2. It was simple, easy and fun!
3. It was an informal way for me to assess each student's spatial awareness.
4. The pictures turned out just like us- the same but different!
Here are some pictures-- I had to include the writing too!
 "When I stole a cookie."
  "When I lost Daddies flashlight." *I love how he spelled Daddy's- Dad Z*
  "I lost my sisters ring and I tell the truth."
  "When I spied on my auntie, I told the truth." **Hmmmm??
   "When I lost the remote I told the truth."
  "When my mom said do he have homework." * :) *

So next week my class will be starting lots of Dr. Seuss fun! Each day has a theme, a book, a craft and a edible treat! I thought I better be EXTRA prepared because it sounds like exhaustion to me! I prepared my center activities this afternoon. Here are some that the students will be completing during literacy centers.
Real/Nonsense Word Sort
 Read & Write the Room Activity
 Pocket Chart Activity
 Short Vowel Game

And here are some math centers too!
"Decomposing Numbers"
 "Place Value"
 "Ordering Numbers"
 "Making 10"

Find all these centers plus more in...

Thanks for stopping by! Check back tomorrow I will be posting about science journals!!
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