Saturday, February 9, 2013

Five Flashback for Friday!...Or Saturday?!?!

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I know it is Saturday, but yesterday I was exhausted!! I mean so tired that I couldn't even keep my eyes open! This past week has been filled with conferences, data chats, meetings, the 100th day of school and lots of fun activities! I am ready for a lazy Saturday...maybe some cleaning, shopping and then just laying on the couch and catching up on the real housewives of BH and ATL! :) I know you can't believe I watch that- I won't lie, I'm hooked!!

Here is all the good stuff that has been going on this week...
This week we finished up our nonfiction unit of study in both reading and writing. My students amaze me at how they really hear and listen to what I'm saying. When I say things like "Good readers read to learn new things." or "Good readers ask questions while they are reading." Sometimes I wonder if they "get it"...but then I am always excited when we have our sharing time and they say "I was a good reader when..." Ahhh! I just love it! Here is an anchor chart that I used continuously throughout our nonfiction unit of study. 
The mini posters come from here.

On Wednesday was our 100th day of school. The kids had a blast! It was a jam packed day...I had parents tell me their kids were pooped after school! :) (So was I!!) 
Many activities came from here.

On Wednesday one of my students brought in the book The Elf on the Shelf to read with the class. Since we were so busy with the 100th day activities we didn't get to read it that day. So as I was prepping for Thursday/ decorating for Valentine's Day an idea popped into my head. So I wrote this note to my class
and spread little hearts all over the room and floor. On Thursday morning when the kids came in and saw the hearts, they met our little cupid. We read Elf on the Shelf and I told them that this cupid was the  elf's cousin. You know they all went crazy! :) We named him Jack Sparrow!

We started our Valentine's Day Centers. Fun times! :) I love seeing how the students have become so independent!! 
These centers come from  here.
Falling in Love with Learning {ELA & Math Activities Aligned to Common Core}

During science and social studies we have started our dental health study. This will be sprinkled in throughout the BUSY month. My kids made these fun toothbrushes on Friday after watching a Brainpop Jr., reading nonfiction dental health readers and brainstorming.
This activity and craftivity are part of  Sparkly & Shiny {A Dental Health Mini-Unit} here.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday! I know I will! Check back tomorrow to see what I plan to do this coming week!

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