Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five for Friday

So if I thought the 100th day was exciting and EXHAUSTING I was also not prepared for this past week...or more specifically Thursday!! I am joining Doodle Bugs Teaching to give you my Five for Friday Saturday!

1. Valentine's Day was so busy. From the time the kids got to class wow-eee...I think they may have eaten some of their candy BEFORE they got to school! I'm sure they were just excited for the Kindergarten Valentine's Day Show (all 8 Kindergarten Classes at once)!! I planned the day to be as normal as I could but we had to do some fun activities right?!?!? I love to use conversation heart for math...

Lovin' All the Candy Heart Fun! {A Mini-Math Book for conversation hearts!}

2. By the time I let the kids pass out their Valentines I needed a "miracle" to get them to calm down! This was the "miracle"...
Who knew popcorn and m&m's had that kind of magic!!

3. When I got home on Valentine's Day, my love showered me with gifts- this perfume is probably my favorite! Poor guy...I wasn't a very good Valentine, I think I fell asleep by 8:00!!!
4. Friday my class was supposed to have a field trip to the zoo, but it was a rainy day! :( So we spent the afternoon having Dental Health fun and yum! 
(Pinterest inspired snack! I'm not very good with a knife...notice the crooked lips?!?!)

Sparkly & Shiny- Having Healthy Teeth

5. Friday afternoon I felt SO prepared (doing a happy dance!) to put out my U.S. Symbols ELA centers. My kids will be so patriotic in celebrating Presidents' Day once they come back from a long 4 day weekend!
U.S. Symbol Word Match
U.S. Sentence Scramble
U.S. Symbol and Pledge Pocket Chart Activities
U.S. Symbol Read the Room

Hip-Hooray for the USA! U.S. Symbols Literacy Activities

If I was allowed a #6 it would be that I am ready for a 3 day weekend followed by a Teacher Work Day on Tuesday! Whoop whoop! I look forward to spending the weekend relaxing and watching some All-Star Basketball! Go EAST!!

Make sure you link up and share your Five for Friday! Happy Weekend!!
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