Friday, December 26, 2014

Lovely Happy Times and a Bright New Year!

It has been a few FABULOUS weeks since I blogged, that is because I have been busy enjoying and loving every minute of the Christmas holiday! I hope you have too! To start the holiday off, my family was here for Thanksgiving. It was such a wonderful time, filled with laughter, love, too much food and decorating for Christmas! It makes my heart happy just thinking about it! 

When I went back to school, it was a CraZy whirlwind...there was Gingerbread Week, Elf Day, Reindeer Day, Grinch Day, Holidays Around the World, Polar Express Day and our Class Party. Oh my gosh...I'm exhausted just remembering the FUN that we had. It took me a few days to recover. I think I'm getting old! ;) I have lots of pictures to share with you about all the fun we had, and over the next few days and weeks I will try to share some of my ideas with you so that maybe you could use them next year! Until then here is a blurry/bad picture of one of my most treasured gifts from a student this year! A pair of pajama pants for Polar Express Day...they even have ruffles on the bottom! Stop it...just too darn cute!

As teachers many times we get wrapped up in everything happening in school and our classroom that it is so easy to neglect time for ourselves over the holiday to really enjoy the magic of it all. I try really hard to make it a point to stop and enjoy the celebrations in my city with my favorite people. Here are some of my favorite sights...snow made out of bubbles and a 600 foot sand Christmas tree...Christmas Florida style!

I can't believe yesterday was Christmas! What!?!?! Anyone else feeling like this today?!

I have been working a little to get things ready to go back to school. When I am organized and prepared I always feel so much more relaxed and stress free! :) When we go back to school my students will be celebrating the New Year together.
The kids will get to wear party hats and we will have bubbly grape juice. 
We will sing and have a little party together!

We will read books about the New Year and learn about New Year's Resolutions. Here are some of the books we will be reading...

Then the kids will make their New Year's Resolutions!

We will learn about the months of the year and practice sequencing them.
We will also be learning about how people around the world celebrate the New Year using this nonfiction reader.

This unit is filled with all these New Year's goodies and it is on sale for just $3! Go grab your copy and let it help make the start of the New Year at school a stress-free one!


Here's a little freebie for you to start off the New Year! Just click the picture below! I hope you enjoy!