Monday, August 18, 2014

Say It Ain't So...Back to School!?! The Kissing Hand too!

I'm not sure how this happened...but it is August and I'm already back in school! How is this possible?! I usually spend lots of time during the summer creating and redecorating my classroom, but I LOVED what I had done with my room last year and I didn't want to change anything! So I didn't...until I felt like such a slacker for not changing anything! :) So I just did a few little things around my room! Take a peak!

Bulletin Board Outside my Classroom
This was super easy to create! I got a large bottle of bubbles and cut it in half. {Okay, so I didn't cut it...the Mister did. I don't know why he doesn't trust me with a power tool!?} I modged podged my own little sign on to the bottle. Then I just hot glued it to the board. I used sticker letters from Michaels and typed my students' names on "bubbles"...aka circles!

 One of the things that I love about my classroom is that I get TONS of natural light, and I really like to keep my blinds open all the time. However, there are times in the morning that I have to close the blinds because it gets TOO bright. So I came up with this little idea to keep the blinds "open" and "closed" at the same time, while keeping things looking cute! I just made bows out of black ribbon, then hot glued the bows to clothespins, and clipped the blinds together! Perfect!

I got a new rug at IKEA! Love it!

Kindergarten Squared posted a picture on instagram that was my inspiration for this little number. Some of the quotes came from this FREEBIE by The Bender Bunch. This bulletin board is at a random spot in my classroom and was not really able to be seen by students, so this idea was perfect! I got the frames on sale at Michael's for 25 cents. Then I just printed the quotes that I liked and added some ribbon!

These are my new birthday pennants. All that is missing are the candles with my students' names and birth dates on them! This comes from my EDITABLE chevron decor pack.

I also got this hanging thing {sorry I don't know what I should call it!} from IKEA! I love that it takes up way less space for my writing center! 

Okay so I am super excited to share the last picture with you, because it came out just so darn cute! Today was our first day of school, and I always love to start the year with the book The Kissing Hand.
Am I the only one who gets a little choked up EVERY single time I read this book!?! Anyhow we made a little Chester to help us remember our first day of school!

Heading back to school soon? Check out all these FREEBIES in my store!


Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year {FREEBIE}

Today was my first day back at school! As I was getting ready for bed last night, I saw lots of teacher friends posting on Instagram how they had extra days off because of this CRAZY weather. I won't lie...for a split second I thought about how great it would be to have a "snow day" I said a SPLIT SECOND! I will stick to with my 80 degree weather! (Although tonight it is suppose to get down into the 40s!)

Thinking about how I shared my resolutions/goals with you the past few days, I thought about how I would love to hear my students' goals for the new year. Click on the picture below to get your free copy of the printables I will be using!

If you are feeling a little blue about going back to's a little pep talk from the "oh so cute!" Kid President!
Stay warm folks! Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Day 5: Organization...MY FAVORITE!

I am an incredibly organized person. I really am...and if you don’t believe me you should check out my Tupperware cabinet! :)

At the beginning of each month I set goals for the month and I then plan how I will achieve those goals.  At school I try and plan as far ahead as I can by planning out mentor text, anchor charts, and center activities.  By doing this I make sure I have more then enough time to focus on daily activities and meetings (doesn’t it seem like you have a 100 different meetings every day!!!).  I am so organized at times that it can be one of my greatest faults.   When I do not complete everything I have planned to do I end up driving my self CRAZY! Because I made a plan I expect myself to follow through with the plan, but like many plans, I seem to always run out of time!

I am a little “old school” when it comes to the way I stay organized – aka I still rock the paper and pencil to make my many to do list, BUT this year I want to get techie!!!  I plan on using technology and apps to become even more organize (I get so excited thinking about this, again, I was telling the truth when I said I am obsessed with organization!!!).  

I want to use the Tone Up App to make sure my workout is planned every day.  This way I have no excuses for not working out, though I am sure I will be able to think of one (my dog ate the app??!?!?!). 

The meal planner app is amazing at helping me plan out my meals for the entire week and it also helps make my grocery list for me.  With this app by my side I will never get halfway through making a meal and then realize I forgot to buy an ingredient – this happens to me at least once a week!!!

The ColorNote App might be my favorite of all the apps.  All my to-do list are in one place and always with me!

I also love using the Dropbox App to help keep all my files, documents and photos organized and accessible at all times!

Happy Organizing!

Today’s my last day of Winter Break! :( Off to make the most of my final moments of rest and relaxation!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Professional Goals: A Resolution Link Up

Today is Day 4 in the 2014 Your New Year linky at Blog Hoppin'. Time to share my professional goals. There are always so many things I want to accomplish professionally, it was hard to narrow it down! 

No more “Piddling”!  Stop – DO NOT reach for your dictionary or thesaurus to look up the actual definition of “piddling”.  Though it is an actual word I have managed to invent a new definition (should I contact Webster?!?!?). “Piddling” to me means to procrastinate.  I like to “piddle” around instead of getting anything accomplished. This year I will try my darndest to stay on task.  I will do my best to make sure I am not rushing to finish anything (professional or personal) last minute. 

I work with any amazing group of teachers!  I know most people think that the teachers they work with are the best but I am positive that I have the greatest group of people working beside me everyday.  With that said, I feel like I have underutilized all the knowledge, ideas, tips, and strategies that are found in the classrooms beside me.  There are so many great ideas out there and I want to make sure that this year I make a real effort to learn and share great ideas with everyone I work with.

What are your professional goals for 2014?!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Crafting, Creating & Fitness

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again today! Since I was a day behind, I am catching up on two days today!

If you know me, you know that I'm an impatient perfectionist that LOVES to procrastinate. In the past you couldn't catch me doing crafts, mostly because crafts = MAKING A MESS! Who wants to clean up a mess! Not ME! However, with the invention of that thing called Pinterest I have fallen victim! :) {Follow me on pinterest HERE} I consider crafting- making anything cute! (I am not a true "crafter"!) I usually get inspired to do something "crafty" around 8:00 at night, and I have to make a quick trip to Michaels! Usually there are a lot of "Oh crap" moments and "What was I thinking?!?", but I enjoy it! All that to say, my resolution is to SHARE some of the fun things that I do (usually with my best friend Sammy by my side!) at home with you all! Here are some pictures of our past crafts and creations!

I posted many of these ideas on my instagram account, come follow me @msshopesclass!

My fitness goal is BALANCE and whole self fitness. This year I am working hard on having fitness in every part of my life- mental, emotional, diet and physical fitness-- working hard to have a healthy life... not a fad diet/exercise lifestyle. In the past I had fallen in love with running, but at some point I had hit a plateau and I took a break...a break that has lasted too long! I think this pretty much sums things up for 2014...
{Photo Credit: My Quotes Home}

I also love doing morning workouts...these must be happening more frequently this year! This is one my favorite workouts to do!

I hope you are warm on this chilly is 64 degrees here to night...brrr! I don't want to even think about anything colder! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It has been a VERY VERY long time since I have posted on this poor little blog! I could lie and say "oops!" but it wasn't an "oops!". The past few months I have taken time for myself. Sometimes I think I can "do it all", but really I can't! Something had to "give", and it was blogging! I have enjoyed the extra time to spend with family and friends, especially over the holidays!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share my plans for the new year! For Day 1 (I'm a day behind, I will catch up tomorrow!) I am sharing my goals for my family in the new year! This year I will BE PRESENT in every moment! It is so easy to get wrapped up in my many to-do lists for school, the house, and everything else that even when I'm doing things with the people I love, I am thinking about all the other "things" I have to do! I don't want gray hair any sooner than it is time to live a little bit more stress free and know that "it all will get done"! And really, how much "sparkle" are you leaving with others if you are always consumed with what needs to get done!?!

So this year it is time for more cuddling, more date nights, more laughs, more hugs and kisses with the man that holds my heart!
We live in South Florida, but most of our families live in Pennsylvania or Jamaica. It is the only thing I dislike about living where I do. When I do get to see my family I truly treasure the moments! This year I will have many more of those moments!
Over the years, my family has grown. Even though my friends were not born into my family, they definitely feel like family. Being away from "real" family, these cherished friends have helped to fill my heart with love! I am grateful for each one of them! Taking time to enjoy these friendships is a MUST and expressing my love for them is so important!

I hope as you make your resolutions, and work at making them a reality, you keep one of my favorite sayings in mind...
Blessings to you and your family in 2014!

Check back tomorrow for my crafting, creating and fitness goals! Go link up with Blog Hoppin' to share and receive some new year inspiration!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fire Safety Freebie

Fire Safety Week is next week, so we started learning about being fire smart this past week. Next Friday the Fire Department and SWAT Team will come and visit us! Woo hoo!

Here are some of the things the students have been working in...
 The Firefighter repeated text pocket chart activity. We use this text during shared reading. Using the repeated text daily helps the students so much. When the kids go to centers I see them reading each line, matching the illustrations to the correct text and finding the high frequency words within the sentences.
My kids are working on beginning and ending sounds. At the Sounds of the Engine center the students are working on identifying the beginning and ending sounds of words. This is helping so much during independent writing time.
Spots at the Firehouse is another way that my students are practicing their word wall words. My students are totally into dice this year...last year it was dominoes?! Who knows...but whatever works right?!!

In math the students have been working on sequencing numbers. In the activity the students sequence the number tiles to serve as a number line. Then the students rolled a dice wrote the number in the hose and then wrote the next three numbers after the initial number. All the students were so engaged, and even though it can be a difficult concept, it came easily to most! Love those kind of activities!!!!

The students are practicing sorting and graphing too!

Here is a freebie for you to use in your fire safety centers! Click the picture to get your copy! I hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow we will be making this fun little Fire Safety Dog! I can't believe it is already Friday...happy dance time!

 Looking for Fire Safety Activities? Check out this unit...hope you find it useful! Happy Weekend!


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