Sunday, March 17, 2013

Out of this World! Flash Sale!

My kids have been lovin' learning about our solar system and space! I used lots of activities from this unit...

Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed! We started with our class "I wonder" chart.

We learned about our Galaxy- The Milky Way!

We learned about our solar system and how planets and other space objects orbit the Sun.

We even wore fun solar system headbands! (Sorry the picture is kinda bad!)

We learned about the moon, and made moon craters!

You can find all these activities and more, HERE!

Since today is St. Patrick's Day I am throwing a flash sale! Everything in my TPT store is 10% off! Get some last minute St. Patrick's Day items!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

End of Seuss, Zoo and St. Patty's Day!

So I haven't had the chance to share the last of our Seuss fun. On Friday we finished up our Seuss unit with Funky Food- Green Eggs and Ham! The kids cooked everything- they even cracked the eggs- they did pretty good! I was impressed!! After we enjoyed the funky food we did a few activities...

We really didn't have too much time though because we had our field trip to the ZOO! How much do your little friends LOVE the zoo? You would have thought we were at Disney! I put together some activities to get us ready for the zoo and as a quick follow-up when we returned (we arrived back to school a little late so we actually did some of the follow-up activities on Monday).

We thought about what animals live at the zoo and animals that do not live at the zoo, then we sorted the animal pictures. We read an interactive emergent reader and wrote about what we hope we saw at the zoo.

When you go to the zoo on a field trip do you have you class complete a scavenger hunt? This is always a big hit!

When we got back we shared about what we found at the zoo.

We even pretended we were zookeepers and wrote about what it would be like if we ran the zoo!

If you are interested you can check out this mini-pack HERE!

Tomorrow we are going to create this little number! Fun times!

Off to bed...this time change is really messing with me!! Sweet dreams...

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Horton Hears a Who!

Today was a half day so we had lots to do in a short amount of time! The kids loved Horton...who doesn't love a cute elephant!

We got this note from the cat...

This Horton craft originally began with just two legs, but we HAD to add two more because as we were putting Horton together a kid said that elephants and Horton have 4 legs. One kid responded "Horton is fiction." LOVE IT!!! But the kids didn't buy it and we had to add 2 more legs! I was inspired by crafts I saw on pinterest- come pin with me!

I ran to the store this morning and found these donut holes...I thought they were perfect for specks! The kids were hilarious when they listened intently checking for WHOs before they ate them! :) They were so freaked out that the Cat in the Hat note said that the treat was "a speck with a WHO"- who would eat a WHO!?!?! (My bad!)

Tomorrow is the last day of Seuss! Funny Food Friday! Any guesses what we might be eating ;)?!?! We also will be going to the zoo, so we will finish the day with "If I Ran the Zoo"!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wocket in My Pocket and St. Patty's Day Fun

Today was Wocket in My Pocket Wednesday! Here is our day in review...

Tomorrow is a half day of school so we will be extra busy! Kindergarten Hears a Who, Can You? (That's your clue for WHO we will be reading about tomorrow!)

My kids saw a picture of a green little man today and started asking about leprechauns! They went bananas when I showed them a few centers that we will be doing next week! Here is where you can grab your copy (it is on sale until tomorrow!!!)!

The students will me making new words from "Lucky" words at this center! 

Some of my students need extra practice with beginning and ending sounds.

The students will also practice identifying the initial blends or digraphs in words.

A favorite for my kids is read and write around the room...they will have fun finding the gold coins that we started to hide!

After 2 weeks of Dr. Seuss my kids should be rhyming experts- I will put them to the test at this Rhyming Rainbows center!

We are also working on long and short vowel sounds.

The kids love the scrambled sentences center...I like reading their work when they are finished to see who read for meaning and listened to what made sense!!

You can't forget math, it will be green with envy! ;) Oh geez!!

Reviewing subtraction.

Practicing place value.

Sorting and graphing!

That's Sum Rainbow!

WOW! :) Fun times for sure!! Can't wait to start on Monday! 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ooey Gooey Tuesday- I feel green!

So yesterday I totally forgot to take pictures of Moody Monday! It was such a COLD day here in South  Florida that my brain was frozen! We had fun in our pj's...and the cold weather made it a cozy day! Even though I don't have a picture- yesterday's treat from the Cat in the Hat was pillows (marshmallows)!

Today we read the story Bartholomew and the Oobleck. My kids LOVED this book, they listened intently the whole time which is shocker because it is such a l o n g book! Their reaction to hearing we were going to make oobleck--- so awesome! We made two kinds of oobleck

edible oobleck (vanilla pudding with green food coloring)

 fun oobleck (oobleck recipe)

I needed a video camera today. It was a little messy, a tad crazy, a bit loud...and TONS of fun!

This green day filled with oobleck got me excited about St. Patrick's. If you are looking for center activities and printables for St. Patrick's Day check out my new unit--- on sale for Wednesday only!!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Five for Friday!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!
I have been a busy blogger all week! Yay! So proud of me! Today's post really is five for Friday

1. Today when I woke up it was so chilly! I was glad I found this cute scarf (perfect for Dr. S's birthday!) to wear today!

2. My students' morning work was to visualize what they thought a Fizzle-top Hop-a-lop looked like! I loved their imaginations!

3. We read the book My Many Colored Days today. This lesson was inspired from this image I saw on pinterest HERE.

Come pin with me!!!

4.  Directed drawings might be my new favorite thing! My inspiration came from Fairy Dust TeachingHERE and HERE.

5. We started this fun writing center activity. The kids are excited to "stump" their friends!

I have had a busy week! I am ready for pj's and cuddling on the couch! Have a great weekend!! I know I will...I get to spend the day tomorrow with some of my most favorite girls! Yay!! 

Don't forget to go link up with Doodle Bugs!!!

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