Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Stars and a Wish

My team is getting together next week to finish our year long scope and sequence for reader's and writer's workshop. I feel like this is a huge task, and it will be great when we complete it! We will have a clear vision for the year and our instruction will be deliberate!

As I started thinking about writing and writer's workshop I thought about my biggest challenge...that being CONFERENCING! I could make lots of excuses for myself, but I'm not going to. I am just going to say I need to do better.

I have been searching for resources that I could use during my conferences to keep it short, simple but meaningful. (Meaningful being the most important part.) I want to really work on having good conversations with my students and giving specific feedback for what I expect in the future.

While searching I came across lots of good resources to use specifically with writing conferences, but I also read a little bit about the concept of "Two Stars and a Wish", and I really liked it! It is something I could use in any subject, and even teach my students to use with one another. The Two Stars are two compliments that you can give, and a Wish is a suggestion for the future. I look forward to trying this out in my classroom! What do you do to give your students specific feedback?

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Happy Monday!

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