Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gettin' Antsy!

I could not sleep last night! All I could think about was going into my classroom today. I am going in to my classroom today to start unpacking, setting up and doing some team planning! :) As I laid in bed, I was torturing myself every time I closed my eyes...picturing my classroom and how to change things up! After not being able to sleep for what seemed like ALL NIGHT! I finally got out of bed, went for a run and started looking at some of my favorite blogs!

I found 2 Linky Parties that sounded like fun! Not Just Childs Play is having a Linky Party-- What Character Would You Be? Other people posted about strong, smart and brave characters. I was very impressed! I thought that I would have no problem choosing a character, but it was harder than I expected. I would want to be Curious George and be daring, but for the most part I'm a chicken! Sometimes I feel like Amelia Bedelia, a confused soul! ;) After much consideration I decided I am probably most like Ferninand the Bull. I rather be smelling the flowers than to have conflict!

What character would you be? I am so interested to know!! Link up!

Life is Sweet...In Kindergarten is linky up to share the Top 5 Teacher Must Haves.

Here are my Top 5!

I will take some "before" pictures of my classroom today and post later! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I love Ferdinand, what a thoughtful choice.


  2. Thanks for linking up, where do you teach???