Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calendar Fun With Songs

"Calendar Time" has become one of my class' favorite times of the day. When I create my calendar bulletin board, I make it interactive so that the students are part of reading the calendar, writing the date, and the day. I also try to incorporate a number of the day activity, the weather and some money activities. I feel like these are important life skills that the students are very interested in learning about. Doing these activities every day helps the students remember the concepts that they may have learned at the beginning of the year, because they are reviewed daily. It is so awesome after a few weeks the students are ready to be the "Teacher" and lead "Calendar Time". One of the things that the students love most about "Calendar Time" is all the songs that we sing. Click on the picture to get your copy of the songs we sing to reinforce the days of the week, telling time, counting, counting money, weather, etc..

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