Friday, July 20, 2012


I know homework in July?!?! Crazy! As I am starting to get ready to go back to school I started thinking about how I did homework last year, and if I want to make any changes this upcoming year.

Do you have you Kindergarteners complete homework?
How often do your students complete homework?

This past year I had daily homework. Monday and Wednesday was a reading or writing activity that accompanied what we were learning in class. Tuesday and Thursday was a math activity from the students practice books. On Friday there was no homework! :) The students also had Take Home Books and Reading Logs to complete. Then every month I would send home a Monthly Homework Calendar. On the Monthly Homework Calendar the students were required to complete 10 activities for the month. On the calendar, the students had activities that were "fun" make a leprechaun trap or count how many jumping jacks you can do in a minute and write that number. The students enjoyed the Monthly Homework Calendar way more than the daily homework that I gave. (Perhaps this is why I am considering making changes for homework next year!) Let me know what you do for homework in your classroom!

In the meantime, I decided to revamp my Monthly Homework Calendars, check them out at TPT!

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  1. I don't like giving it but we're required to send it. I usually just send one math and one reading worksheet Mon-Thurs, makes it easy for the parents to understand what to do. I like the idea of the homework calendar though-definitely more fun!


    1. I do sometimes feel like it is confusing for parents--I'm still deciding my plan of action for the coming year! I will stop over and check out your blog! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I have seen homework calendars before but never used one. It seems like a nice idea. I have always done weekly homework packets. The packets have a little of each subject in it. They turn it in on Friday and get a new packet so they have the weekend to complete it. I am also a new follower on your blog. Stop by mine when you have a chance :-)
    Modern Kindergarten

    1. Some of my team mates use weekly homework packets and they seem pleased with the results! Another option to consider! :) Thanks for your input! I checked out your blog, you have great ideas!