Sunday, March 17, 2013

Out of this World! Flash Sale!

My kids have been lovin' learning about our solar system and space! I used lots of activities from this unit...

Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed! We started with our class "I wonder" chart.

We learned about our Galaxy- The Milky Way!

We learned about our solar system and how planets and other space objects orbit the Sun.

We even wore fun solar system headbands! (Sorry the picture is kinda bad!)

We learned about the moon, and made moon craters!

You can find all these activities and more, HERE!

Since today is St. Patrick's Day I am throwing a flash sale! Everything in my TPT store is 10% off! Get some last minute St. Patrick's Day items!

Enjoy your Sunday!

 photo 82c6debf-53cd-42a3-8f7c-fc840e8d4cf2_zps4aeecf96.jpg

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