Thursday, March 7, 2013

Horton Hears a Who!

Today was a half day so we had lots to do in a short amount of time! The kids loved Horton...who doesn't love a cute elephant!

We got this note from the cat...

This Horton craft originally began with just two legs, but we HAD to add two more because as we were putting Horton together a kid said that elephants and Horton have 4 legs. One kid responded "Horton is fiction." LOVE IT!!! But the kids didn't buy it and we had to add 2 more legs! I was inspired by crafts I saw on pinterest- come pin with me!

I ran to the store this morning and found these donut holes...I thought they were perfect for specks! The kids were hilarious when they listened intently checking for WHOs before they ate them! :) They were so freaked out that the Cat in the Hat note said that the treat was "a speck with a WHO"- who would eat a WHO!?!?! (My bad!)

Tomorrow is the last day of Seuss! Funny Food Friday! Any guesses what we might be eating ;)?!?! We also will be going to the zoo, so we will finish the day with "If I Ran the Zoo"!

 photo 82c6debf-53cd-42a3-8f7c-fc840e8d4cf2_zps4aeecf96.jpg

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