Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wocket in My Pocket and St. Patty's Day Fun

Today was Wocket in My Pocket Wednesday! Here is our day in review...

Tomorrow is a half day of school so we will be extra busy! Kindergarten Hears a Who, Can You? (That's your clue for WHO we will be reading about tomorrow!)

My kids saw a picture of a green little man today and started asking about leprechauns! They went bananas when I showed them a few centers that we will be doing next week! Here is where you can grab your copy (it is on sale until tomorrow!!!)!

The students will me making new words from "Lucky" words at this center! 

Some of my students need extra practice with beginning and ending sounds.

The students will also practice identifying the initial blends or digraphs in words.

A favorite for my kids is read and write around the room...they will have fun finding the gold coins that we started to hide!

After 2 weeks of Dr. Seuss my kids should be rhyming experts- I will put them to the test at this Rhyming Rainbows center!

We are also working on long and short vowel sounds.

The kids love the scrambled sentences center...I like reading their work when they are finished to see who read for meaning and listened to what made sense!!

You can't forget math, it will be green with envy! ;) Oh geez!!

Reviewing subtraction.

Practicing place value.

Sorting and graphing!

That's Sum Rainbow!

WOW! :) Fun times for sure!! Can't wait to start on Monday! 

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