Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ABC's Easy As 123!

Have you ever had a kid who just got stuck on a letter? No really, I mean like "STUCK"! Have you ever "acted a fool"...dancing, singing and doing all sorts of craziness to get a student to remember a letter...and they still forget it?!?!?!? 

This is one of my favorite activities to get students to remember specific letters that they are just "stuck" on. It has saved me a lot of frustration and "acting like a fool"! Plus it is super simple to have the kids create! {I use this activity for numbers, letters and words.}

We create a letter necklace...OOOOOOOO! So fancy! ;)

Here is what you need:
{ANY stickers you have, notecards, string, hole punch and markers}

First have the students watch a letter video/song to get them movin' and groovin'!

Next do a letter sorting activity with the kids. I like to use this pocket chart activity only because it is easily accessible for me and I can target the specific letters that I would want to work on.

Then give the students a note card and marker. I have the student write the letter that they are working on. The student then searches through the stickers to find pictures of things that start with the letter. I use stickers because it requires no cutting or pasting, just grab and stick! Plus...who doesn't LOVE stickers?!?! And come on, every good "necklace" has stickers, right?!?! I get stickers from parents, the Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Highlights--- anywhere! {I include both alphabet stickers and picture stickers for letter sound work.} Last I punch the hole at the top and add string. The entire necklace took about 5 minutes to create! Usually as an extra fun touch we rename the student for the day. For instance, instead of calling me Ms. Shope, if I was working on the letter Nn, my name would be Nn for the day! The kids think it is too much fun!
{stickers: nut, Nemo and Ninja Turtle}

Hope your kids like this idea as much as mine do!!!

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