Saturday, October 18, 2014

Candy Corn Fun

Do you have that love/hate relationship with candy corn like I do?!?! I personally do not like candy corn, but I admit that when ever I see candy corn I feel the need to eat one. I guess I think "this time I will like candy corn", and shockingly...I NEVER DO!

Although I don't like to eat candy corn I do like to decorate with candy corn! Here is one of the easiest and cutest Fall decorations that I do with candy corn...

I am also planning on being a candy corn for Halloween...what do you think? {I really just want to wear a tutu!}

Anyhow, my students always seem to love the plastic tasting candy, so every Fall candy corn math is one of my favorite activities! I put together a little pack of activities, you can check it out HERE.
Candy Corn Number Man
A fun way to decorate for the season without being "Halloween-y"!

Candy Corn Measuring
The students measure different candy pictures using candy corn!

Addin' Up the Candy Corn
Practice making groups and joining them together to create addition stories using candy corn.

Corny Number Bingo
Numbers to 20 counting or number recognition bingo.

A Corny Mouth
Use candy corn and dice to practice counting, addition or subtraction skills!

Roll & Add 10 More
Use base ten blocks, dice and candy corns to practice base ten skills.

Eat the Sum
A very yummy way to practice addition.

Eatin' Up the Candy Corn
A concrete way to model subtraction.

What's your favorite thing to do with candy corn?

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