Sunday, October 19, 2014

Suck it up...and one day you won't have to SUCK IT IN!

 As a teacher it is REALLY easy to get into a lot of unhealthy habits and I admit that I have fallen victim to many of those habits. {Eating unhealthy food from the cafeteria, enjoying all the holiday candy and eating the goldfish that were meant for math...I never do that...really I don't! :/ Oh and how about all those happy hour drinks and snacks!?!} Just as difficult as it is to make healthy eating choices, it is also a challenge to come home from a long day and find the energy to even get off the couch, going for a run seems absurd! As this school year began I made a promise to myself that I would inconvenience myself, if necessary, to stay healthy.
As a way to stay accountable in my journey to stay healthy, over the next few months I will be sharing my triumphs, tips and struggles with you. I encourage you to join me may not be easy but it will be worth it in the long run!

My first step in my journey has been to get a personal trainer. In the past I loved to run and I could run 10 miles at a time...and LOVE doing it, but somewhere along the way I lost my motivation and now even a simple mile run seems like a form of torture. I knew that if I got a trainer, that I would have appointments to keep and money I would never miss a workout. 
The beast below, plus my trainer Heather has been kicking my butt lately...and I LOVE IT! I love being sore and feeling muscles that I haven't felt in a long time. I appreciate my new level of energy I have throughout the day and the motivation that my workouts bring. I have learned a lot about the human body and ways to make it work without being bored, time consuming or redundant. I'm already looking forward to my next session tomorrow! :)

When I first met with Heather, my personal trainer, the first thing she asked was "How is your diet?". When I told her about my diet, her biggest concern was that I was skipping breakfast daily. If you are like me, waking up, getting ready and being at work on time is an accomplishment in itself...asking me to eat a healthy breakfast is like asking me to leave work with a messy's just not happening! {Although I never seem to have problems stopping at Dunkin Donuts for a donut...hmmm!?!?!} Heather recommended Quest Bars {I found mine at Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.} as a breakfast option. So I am a weirdo, but if you show me a TINY "candy bar" and tell me that's all I am going to eat for a meal, I think you are insane. I obviously don't have logic, because that TINY "candy bar" is a meal that I wouldn't even be eating normally. Anyhow I tried the Quest Bars and they have ROCKED MY WORLD! They are so delicious, they require no prep, they have lots of fiber, low sugar and tons of protein...and the best part---they keep me full for hours! I don't find myself rummaging around my classroom in need of a snack because I'm famished. If you are a non-breakfast eater, I suggest you try them out!!!
As I am learning ways to have a healthier life, I have been inspired to share ways with my students how to begin healthy habits at a young age. The more I am exposed to healthier lifestyle options, I reflect on the "Freshmen 15", "The First Year Teacher 10" and all the yo-yo dieting between that, and see how having a strong foundation in healthy lifestyle choices could have impacted my life. I want to teach and inspire students to develop these skills at a young age, and to carry them with them for the rest of their lives. I am in the process of creating a Health Unit to help guide instruction, including things in the unit that I learn in my journey to get healthy! This unit will focus on a balanced life, that includes exercise, healthy and even junk food...cause we all know no one really wants to give it ALL up, nor do they have to!

If you are interested in promoting health in your classroom I recommend checking out the website Let's Move promoted Michelle Obama.

Check back in a few days for a healthy tip for Halloween! :)

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  1. I am terrible about snacking too! One thing we did that has been a HUGE help is to buy healthy snack foods (nuts, trail mix, etc) and portion them out into their actual serving sizes in baggies right away. This way we can grab a quick snack and know we're not overdoing it. We've also done this with not-so-healthy snacks and this method keeps us from eating the whole box of Cheez-its...not that we've ever done that before ;)