Monday, September 22, 2014

On the WRITE Track!

We are just getting to that part of the year when my kiddos are becoming more independent as writers. It is very exciting to see their growth in such a short period of time. Now that they are writing more, I have begun to conference individually with them and help them develop writing goals. The first writing goal that we are working on as a class is our writing stamina. For some students their stamina is 20 minutes already, other students are developing their writing muscles to work on writing for just 7 minutes. :)

This is our goal anchor chart that we use to help remind us of our daily writing stamina goal.

Something that I use to help my writers develop their writing skills during writing conferences is goal setting. When I first started conferencing with students I thought it would be a very overwhelming task...keeping track of paperwork, managing behavior and making sure all students were on task. However, I have found that since I set goals with my students I am able manage my students behavior and they stay on task BECAUSE they are so busy working on meeting their goals! Duh, Julie!!!!! I have created a few tools to help keep things simple. Take a peek... 

This method is super simple and requires very minimal additional work for the teacher. Which of course we ALL love! Check out this writing goals pack, a preview is below.

How do you goal set with your students?

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