Sunday, September 21, 2014

How About Them Apples?!?!

So here in South Florida it does NOT feel like the weather is changing from summer to autumn. Seriously! Every day I feel like my friends and I try and convince one another that we felt a change in the weather, and that there is a crispness in the air...we clearly are DELUSIONAL! It is definitely no where near boot weather here, or even t-shirt weather for that matter! We are still rockin' the shorts, tanks and a/c to the max! Although we don't really experience fall here, I love to celebrate and decorate for the season! Everything I bake has some form of apple or pumpkin in it, including my morning coffee.

In class this week, we will be doing lots of activities with apples. I made these fun apple pom poms to use as table names. I will be hanging the apples from the ceilings and then use the apple names red delicious, gala, golden delicious and granny smith apples as table names!

We will be having an apple taste test this week. This is when students will be sampling apple jacks, apple crisp, caramel apples and apple cider. We actually bake the apple crisp in class. The kids LOVE in class cooking! The recipe is found in this unit.
A website that I use to help me get parents involved in aiding in sending in supplies needed for classroom activities is Sign Up Genius. If you haven't tried it out before, you should! It is free, and requires little effort! Plus the best part is that parents will not send in multiple of the same item! In the past I have ended up with 5 of something I only needed 1 of, and none of something I needed 2 of! Using this website has saved me so much time and effort in my planning! I hope it helps you too!

After our apple sampling we will be using our five senses to tell all about apples. The students will help to complete this apple repeated text.
As part of our apple study we will be learning about Johnny Appleseed. We will check out some of my favorite Johnny Appleseed books...

we will be watching this Johnny Appleseed YouTube video...
then we will be making this Johnny Appleseed craftivity!

Our literacy and math centers are all about Fall too!

Just the other day we completed this  interactive math emergent reader. The kids had a blast! We used beans as the leaves on the trees. This week we will be doing a similar activity but with apples instead.
If you are learning about apples this week, be sure to check out this apple pack! Happy Apple Week!!

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