Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kindergarten Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Remember Forest? LOVE Forest! The other day this saying popped in my head...

Well really it was more like...
but said in my best Forest Gump voice of course!

Really this saying popped in my head because I was about to have a pity party for myself/boo hoo a bit thinking about what I "got" (if I am being honest). I stopped myself real quick...good thing I love a box of chocolates. I don't actually like to eat the chocolates, I just think it is a fun game to see what's inside each little chocolate! What a great way to look at your matter the obstacles or the challenges that each one brings with them, its my job to find out the great treasure that they have just waiting to come out from within them! So that's what I have been little "chocolate" at a time! ;)

That being said, we have been working LOTS on our alphabet letter recognition and letter sounds in my classroom. We have been creating, sorting, writing, singing, dancing and anything else you can think of to learn our letters! Folks we are almost there! :) If you are having some of the same struggles with your little "chocolates" here are some of our favorite resources to use in our classroom! 

{YouTube Videos}

{Center Activities}

Kindergarten really is like a box of chocolates...and that's the best part! :) Happy Wednesday!

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