Sunday, January 6, 2013

Martin and His Friends

I head back to school tomorrow and although I enjoy my days of pajamas, tv and family...I look forward to seeing all my little friends again!

When I get back to school I plan on doing a few new year and goal setting activities but then I will start to teach about Martin Luther King, Jr. Even though black history month is in February I usually introduce other heroes while celebrating Dr. King's birthday.

If you you have never read the story of Ruby Bridges, it is a must!!! A few years ago my next door neighbor told me that I HAD to read this book to my class...

What she didn't tell me was that I should have read the book privately by myself first!! (Granted I am a cry baby...Publix commercials can make me tear up!) Oh my, I started reading this book to my class and I was so touched by the end I was fighting back the tears. My students responses were amazing, and their connection to the story was deep and impactful! Every year I read this story to my class and the results are the same- I fight back the tears and my students are touched by a young girl who is so close to their age who made such a difference in the world!!

Here are some of my other favorite books for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month--

Here are some fun craftivities that we will be doing...

For how we dream like Dr. King----

After we learn about Rosa Parks and how she "sat down" for what she believed in--

And we will document how we will be courageous in changing the world and follow in our heroes footsteps--

All of these activities can be found in Learning with Martin & His Friends {Black History Craftivities & Printables}
I was having so much fun with Dr. King, that I created this little timeline craftivity for older students (more suitable for grades 2-4)!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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