Sunday, January 5, 2014


Day 5: Organization...MY FAVORITE!

I am an incredibly organized person. I really am...and if you don’t believe me you should check out my Tupperware cabinet! :)

At the beginning of each month I set goals for the month and I then plan how I will achieve those goals.  At school I try and plan as far ahead as I can by planning out mentor text, anchor charts, and center activities.  By doing this I make sure I have more then enough time to focus on daily activities and meetings (doesn’t it seem like you have a 100 different meetings every day!!!).  I am so organized at times that it can be one of my greatest faults.   When I do not complete everything I have planned to do I end up driving my self CRAZY! Because I made a plan I expect myself to follow through with the plan, but like many plans, I seem to always run out of time!

I am a little “old school” when it comes to the way I stay organized – aka I still rock the paper and pencil to make my many to do list, BUT this year I want to get techie!!!  I plan on using technology and apps to become even more organize (I get so excited thinking about this, again, I was telling the truth when I said I am obsessed with organization!!!).  

I want to use the Tone Up App to make sure my workout is planned every day.  This way I have no excuses for not working out, though I am sure I will be able to think of one (my dog ate the app??!?!?!). 

The meal planner app is amazing at helping me plan out my meals for the entire week and it also helps make my grocery list for me.  With this app by my side I will never get halfway through making a meal and then realize I forgot to buy an ingredient – this happens to me at least once a week!!!

The ColorNote App might be my favorite of all the apps.  All my to-do list are in one place and always with me!

I also love using the Dropbox App to help keep all my files, documents and photos organized and accessible at all times!

Happy Organizing!

Today’s my last day of Winter Break! :( Off to make the most of my final moments of rest and relaxation!

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