Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two More Days!!!

I think I can...I think I can...just two more days until Thanksgiving Break!

I always love leaving for a break totally prepared for when I get back. That way I don't need to worry about anything during my time off. So I have started prepping for the first week in December...which means Gingy will be making an appearance! :) Here are some pics of some of my favorite activities...
We will be reading lots of Gingerbread stories and using this cute anchor chart and post-its to record the story elements.

My students will be completing this fun family home project. I didn't get to have my students create a Turkey in Disguise...the month was just WAY TOO BUSY!!! I am looking forward to having them create these cute little incognito gingerbread men so that I can use them as a decoration all December!

We will be doing some yummy science! Math can read all about my Gingerbread Math activities HERE!

The kids love reading texts in the pocket chart that we read during shared reading. I have a feeling that they will love the Gingerbread songs and text! They always really love when the text includes their names so I created a super simple pocket chart text that does just that! Click on the picture below for a FREEBIE!

Pictured below are other center activities that my kiddos will be doing. Some of my friends spotted the centers out on my table the other day, and begged to play some of the games. I got to snap some pictures when several of my little friends tried them out.

Gingerbread Scrambled Sentences

Beginning Sounds in the Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Word Family Sorting Activity

Vowel Cookies

What Shape is in the House? Math Center

Making Ten Practice

Roll and Count {No Prep Math Center}

Base Ten Cookie Friends

We will be making other craftivities and doing lots of other activities too! If you are looking for Gingerbread activities to use in your classroom be sure to check out these two units that are ON SALE! 

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