Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Fall {Apples and We Are Scientists!}

Happy Fall! The other week I woke up so in the mood for Fall! It is my favorite season- I love the smells, the food, the colors...well almost everything about Fall! I was so in the mood for Fall, I tried to wear a cozy sweatshirt and well that is when I had my reality check! It is still in the 90s here, but hey a girl can wish! :) I decided I'd decorate the house instead! 
My best friend and I took a trip to Michaels and got our craft on! It was fun! :) I love coming home to the smell of apples and pumpkins and seeing signs of Fall, because here in South Florida we don't really experience the change of the seasons.
After decorating my house, it was only right to decorate my classroom, right?!?! The fall decorations came out...and the kids all got excited because to them Fall means Halloween! :/

They were super excited when they started our Apple Unit on Monday. 

Here are some pictures from the unit.
A Johnny Appleseed Craftivity. We will be completing this on September 26th.

As we learn about apples we will use this repeated text to develop vocabulary.
The kids are like sponges and I LOVE it! They are learning so many words, letters and sounds it is unbelievable! We use these pocket chart activities for fluency, word work and word recognition.

Here are some of the math and ELA centers the students are working in...

Here is a quick update with our beginning of the year science unit. My absolute favorite!!! This unit inspires students to be scientists and to realize they already are scientists. This is a science journal entry from the first day of the unit...I love their responses! 
{I am measuring!}
{Looking at an orchid.}

{Looking at the rain. *It has been a rainy week! Indoor recess and snack= one unhappy teacher!*}

Tomorrow they will write about what kind of scientist they will be! I love it! Find lots of resources for starting science instruction off right in this fun pack!

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