Saturday, August 31, 2013

Five for Friday {A Little Late!}

I don't know who has enough energy on Friday to actually post their five for Friday! :) Not me, that's for sure!!! I'm linking up with Kacey to share my Five for Friday.

1. One of my student's parents bought me a brand new color printer! HAPPY DANCE!! I am beyond excited. No more printing ten pages and having to refill the cartridges or having to print everything from home!

2. I am trying to implement more journals in my classroom this year. I didn't think that my students needed a entire journal for each subject- reading, math and science. So I took the journals to Staples and got the journals cut in half! By doing this I didn't have to buy extra notebooks and the storage space needed is so much less! They are perfect for my little learners! 

3. This past week we have been working on establishing learning goals in class. The students have goals for reading, math and writing. In my class my students record their learning in a goal book. We update this book 4 times throughout the year. The students love the book- they love seeing how much they have learned and how much their work has improved! I use this book during parent conferences to display specific learning goals and where the student is at. (This book is an awesome keepsake for the parents too!!)


As students master a standard, they get to sign our learning goal posters that are displayed in the room. These posters are motivation for the students to keep working hard- and it gives them a clear target to work towards!

4. You know the beginning of the year is SUPER busy, I have been wanting to post these for the past two weeks but haven't had a chance. We have been making lots of picture graphs in class. Get your {FREE} copy of these graphing materials HERE!

5. Last night my best friend made me dinner- vegetable lasagna! Oh so delicious! She's the best...and it was the best thing I had eaten all week long. I'm one lucky girl!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! Enjoy your long weekend!

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