Monday, August 18, 2014

Say It Ain't So...Back to School!?! The Kissing Hand too!

I'm not sure how this happened...but it is August and I'm already back in school! How is this possible?! I usually spend lots of time during the summer creating and redecorating my classroom, but I LOVED what I had done with my room last year and I didn't want to change anything! So I didn't...until I felt like such a slacker for not changing anything! :) So I just did a few little things around my room! Take a peak!

Bulletin Board Outside my Classroom
This was super easy to create! I got a large bottle of bubbles and cut it in half. {Okay, so I didn't cut it...the Mister did. I don't know why he doesn't trust me with a power tool!?} I modged podged my own little sign on to the bottle. Then I just hot glued it to the board. I used sticker letters from Michaels and typed my students' names on "bubbles"...aka circles!

 One of the things that I love about my classroom is that I get TONS of natural light, and I really like to keep my blinds open all the time. However, there are times in the morning that I have to close the blinds because it gets TOO bright. So I came up with this little idea to keep the blinds "open" and "closed" at the same time, while keeping things looking cute! I just made bows out of black ribbon, then hot glued the bows to clothespins, and clipped the blinds together! Perfect!

I got a new rug at IKEA! Love it!

Kindergarten Squared posted a picture on instagram that was my inspiration for this little number. Some of the quotes came from this FREEBIE by The Bender Bunch. This bulletin board is at a random spot in my classroom and was not really able to be seen by students, so this idea was perfect! I got the frames on sale at Michael's for 25 cents. Then I just printed the quotes that I liked and added some ribbon!

These are my new birthday pennants. All that is missing are the candles with my students' names and birth dates on them! This comes from my EDITABLE chevron decor pack.

I also got this hanging thing {sorry I don't know what I should call it!} from IKEA! I love that it takes up way less space for my writing center! 

Okay so I am super excited to share the last picture with you, because it came out just so darn cute! Today was our first day of school, and I always love to start the year with the book The Kissing Hand.
Am I the only one who gets a little choked up EVERY single time I read this book!?! Anyhow we made a little Chester to help us remember our first day of school!

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