Friday, October 26, 2012

Printing, Printing and More Printing! Ahh!!

I have come across so many great resources that teachers have created and shared either on blogs or TPT. Wow! The things that are available are just amazing! I create, purchase and find so many goodies, that my poor printer must hate me! It can get really expensive to print everything out that I use in my classroom, especially in color! And when it comes having space in my classroom to hang everything up...there is just not enough room! So when I create or purchase something that I would like to display as a poster, instead of printing it I just display it the same way your would a PowerPoint Presentation. In case you don't know how, here's a little "how-to"...


Hope this helps! Check out my TPT Store  for some great resources for The Election & Voting and Thanksgiving!Whoa...can you believe it is almost already here! Happy Weekend! :)


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